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>Janathon Day 1 – 1.59mi



The year started well, I didn’t get up till nearly 12, (this I think needs a reward as I have 2 children under 3 in the house,) and I couldn’t find my trainers. Of course I eventually found them, in a shoe box for my red high heels, so heaven knows where they are, and what logic I was using when I put them there.
Obviously, the best place to keep my trainers is in a shoe box for party shoes.
I’m feeling quite ashamed, I loaded up the Nike+ and it promptly told me it’s been 6 weeks since I last ran. So I deleted all the old runs, to hide my guilt, and hopefully with some effort over January I’ll get some good numbers. It amused me greatly that at the end of my run Lance Armstrong chimed in & told me I’d just set a new record for running a mile!
It was cold & starting to rain as I shuffled around the park, I think I was lapped by a toddler on his new bike and a geriatric dog being walked by an old guy.  
One day done, 30 more to go!
On a slight tangent, I was given a mug this Christmas (although it wasn’t a Christmas Prezzie) Thankyou Kate, it makes the pre run esspresso taste all the sweeter!
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