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>Day Two – Day One – Week One



So I felt rubbish yesterday, it had been 6 weeks since I last ran & when I actually did yesterday, it was a huffy puffy, CBA affair.

This morning I downloaded Robert Ullrey’s couch to 5k program. And went out and felt much better about it all. The podcast was the 1st thing I did when I started running, and I distinctly remember thinking “The bastard, this is week One?!” when doing the intervals.
Today, I felt much better, don’t get me wrong I was knackered and red at the end of it all, but I ran and didn’t feel like I was about to die!

Things I learnt today;
1) turn off voice prompts when listening to podcasts.
2) breastfeeding my son means I need new sports bras, not just everyday bras.
3) Paula Radcliffe must live in my phone, as she congratulated me on my furthest run this month!

Total for Janathon!

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  1. 02/01/2011 20:39

    >Paula Radcliffe congratulates you on your runs?! That's pretty incredible. Did she at least introduce herself? I'd be slightly concerned if some lady just came through my headpgones saying "well done"… and Paula doesn't have the most memorable of voices! I'm going to have to try the Nike+ app (that is what you're using right? I'm a long time user of RunKeeper) at some point if this is the kind of thing you can look forward to. 🙂

  2. 02/01/2011 21:40

    >Great work on the Google Reader list Millie. We've put a link up on the AudioFuel Facebook page. Good luck with Janathon!

  3. 03/01/2011 18:13

    >Are you like me – hate getting out there and running, but love the feeling of achievement when you get back ? We must keep up this challenge – I know that next week it will be really difficult to get out of bed – January is such an apalling month for getting outside

  4. 03/01/2011 19:43

    >Steve&Katyrun – yeah she introduces herself and says something like "Hello, I'm Paula Radcliffe, congratulations on your furthset run to date! keep up the hard work!"Phil – cheers! sallyshurdles – oh yeah, I totaly drag myself out the door!

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