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>Must be the music?


>Three miles planned, 2 miles ran & 1 walked.
I tried some new music. his afternoon I asked the great mind that it twitter, “What should I listen to while I run tonight?” 

I’ve never been a fan of the Podrunner podcasts, the music just isn’t my thing, but I’ll admit to only have listened to the Podrunner Intervals. The standard one BPM tracks were a new one for me & I must admit that I was a little interested in the Cadence in this one. I think I need  a bit of Boot Camp to get my belly in control.

I got my Podrunner through iTunes, Powertools (174bpm), and after a bit of faffing about (Nike+ doesn’t let you choose podcasts as something to listen to) and off I went.
I wasn’t impressed, but I did run my fastest 1km this year to it, and it certainly didn’t feel too much like hard work at the time, but pretty much at the 1.75 mile mark I lost wind, and slowed to a stumbing walk, & try as I might I just couldn’t get back onto the pace, and the Podrunner just wasn’t doing it for me.
So I faffed around some more & dug out an old playlist, a little bit of Foo Fighters saw me run the next half mile, but by then I’d given up, and walked back.

Such a different run to Tuesdays, and all I can say, is it must be the music?
Suppose I better get myself used to running with out music, as I might have a running partner for the Marathon. I find out tomorrow, after she’s been paid!
Right, I’ve got a date with Mr Kipling, and then I’ll need a shower!

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