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>Active April Begins…


>… after this 2nd bowl of chillie. Honest.

So the challenge that was Janathon has left me lazy, who’d have thunk it? I complete a month of daily running only to spend the next 2 months, doing almost naff all.
Seriously, in January I ran 54 miles, and went for 31 runs. If I tell you that I haven’t even broke the 100 mile mark for this year*, then you can see, I most certainly have been spending too much time on the couch.

Ok, so I said my rules for Active April would be simple. I also said that I wouldn’t be as hardcore as Janathon. One of them will turn out to be a fib, I’m certain.
SO here I go.
I’m aiming to beat my Janathon total, but quicker.
So 54 miles, in under 15 hours of running. And as I didn’t run on Saturday, I have fewer runs to do it in anyway. This will hopefully have a two fold result. 1) I’ll have to do longer runs, rather than wimping out after a few miles & 2) I’ll have to walk less whilst out in order to up my average pace.

I’ve cleared out the Nike+ app on my phone to make it easier for my sleep deprived and child fuddled head to keep track of where I’m up to.

So far I’ve ran on the 1st & 3rd, so I’m thinking I’ll run on the odd days at least. I’m at 3.2 miles, and at my current pace I’ll get to 54 miles about 10 minutes quicker than in Jan!

I’ll force myself to post each Monday, in an effort to get some kind of regularity, but I don’t think I could manage every day. I’m not certain I’d have anything to add every day. Some of the Janathon posts are very brief & more rambling than ever.

Wish me luck, or call an ambulance.

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  1. 03/04/2011 13:50

    >I hope it all works out for you! A bit of pressure works wonders for that final push out the door …..

  2. 03/04/2011 20:01

    >Good luck with your plan for April. Hopefully the weather will motivate you to get outside 🙂

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