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#Juneathon Day 7; Slow Tuesday


I “ran” 2 miles in 35 minutes. I feel fat & slow & lazy. I was supposed to really run 3 miles.
I have no real excuses, aside from being lazy & not taking any hay-fever medicine.

I’m going to go off & have a strop. (and some supper)

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  1. 07/06/2011 22:54

    Hey, there’s always tomorrow, don’t be too hard on yourself. 2 miles is better than 0 miles!
    How can you even think you’re lazy when you’re on Juneathon? Doing something everyday and taking the time to share and care makes you pretty amazing!

  2. 08/06/2011 21:06

    2 miles is very good, I remember what it’s like when your children and still babies. If you are up during the night that doesn’t help and very tiring. I didn’t do any exercise while mine were that young, let along Juneathon. Well done for doing 2 I don’t think that’s lazy.

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