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#Juneathon Day 21: erm hang on…


What happened to Juneathon days 19 & 20?
Well, on Sunday & Monday I rested and it was gooooooooood!
I’ve found Juneathon running much harder than Janathon, I hink I find running in the cold/damp much easier than the sun.
So after 2 days of not running, I went on a 5k jog, it was ok, I slowed to a walk 3 times, but 2 of them were up hills, the 3rd was because I’m lazy.
I’m not sure if I’ll do all the remaining days of Juneanthon or just stick to the training plan, but as the be next 2 days have planned runs I guess we won’t see till Friday.

Well done to everyone who hasn’t slacked off yet!

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  1. 22/06/2011 16:29

    After 20 days of near 10 miles per day, today I slacked: no run! But I did have the excuse of sore dangly- bits from yesterday’s run (should I really be telling you that!)
    Sometimes youve just got to know when to take it easy, and today was that day.

  2. 22/06/2011 23:45

    It always feels good after a rest day or changing your routine. You mentioned Haribo’s yesterday, I like Jelly babies I take then on longer runs – they work for me.

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