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11 miles? with this hangover? in the rain?


No, I don’t think so either.


I was supposed to run today, a lovely 11 jaunt up the canal & round back to  home. But I just can’t. The fastest movement I’ve done is the dash to the bathroom a few times & a slow wander to the kitchen to get more bread products. Croissants, PB on toast, just plain old bread & butter. I can’t beat a good bit of bread type stuff when I’m feeling this naff.

It does beg the question, when am I going to make up the distance, this being about the 3rd long run I’ve missed on the road to the Liverpool Marathon. I think my alchol free training might have to start much earlier than everyone else.

While I ponder sobriety, and the possibilty of adding an extra mile or 2 to my short runs this week, I’m stumbing back to the kitchen, I think I heard a lonely croissant in the bread bin.

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  1. 18/07/2011 20:36

    Don’t blame you. Me, I work on the 80% (of training is OK) rule!!

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