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Guilty Pleasures


I ran 8 miles.
It was slow, but awesome fun.

I must admit, at times I’m a little bit of a music snob. Well, I’m a music snob quite a lot, all the time actually, but I have to come clean, the track list that I ran to was terrible.

It ranged from P!nk to Bullet For my Valentine, and even included a track off Glee. Don’t tell anyone, it would seriously damage my street cred!

It was a great run, and rather than being a slog like a lot of my runs recently, it was great fun. And I surprised myself with some of the splits, a few were much faster than I thought.

I’m still not certain about if I’ll be up to speed for the marathon though. I’m worried that I won’t be ahead of the “hurry up” wagon & am having seriously frightening worries about if I’ll even manage the whole 26.2.

I guess I’ll just keep plugging along and see how I feel in about 45 days. Yes, it’s something frighteningly close. GULP

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  1. 24/08/2011 21:23

    You’ll be fine, you’re doing the training, keep going!

    • 24/08/2011 21:48

      I’m sure I’ll make it to the start line,
      I’m not so sure about the finish line. But at least I’ll have an ID bracelet so they’ll know who I am.

  2. 24/08/2011 21:32

    I’m impressed you have some street cred to damage!

    • 24/08/2011 21:46

      I must do, or at least I think I have some. I have to, or I won’t be able to embarrass my kids when they get older!

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