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#WeighInWednesday – Let’s Get Back to It


Right, I have actually eaten nothing good for the past 3 weeks, and have by virtue of running a marathon, not really put on any extra weight.

So Hooray for exercise.

That said, I have not actually ran, or done ant type of excercise since the marathon
I have joined a gym, a cheap local council one, with my husband.Now the combined cost of the joint membership gym is less than the expensive  chain I was previously a member of, but the reason I started running, was mostly because I couldn’t be bothered to go the gym when it was cold & rainy, so I’m a little nervous about whether I’ll go often enough.  I’m also finding it slightly amusing that I want to join the gym so that I can up my core fitness and be a better, faster runner!

So its almost a year since I started loosing weight, and I’ve lost 31.5lbs, or 2 st 3.5lbs! I’m shocked, when I see the numbers, I’m not sure how I had all that extra weight on me, as I’m still not skinny! But not to do myself down,  I’ve lost 14.3kg, in 12 months and I’m feeling confident that the other 30 (or so) pounds I want to loose will be gone in the next 12 months!


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  1. 21/10/2011 15:07

    Well done on your weight loss! I know how you feel about not understanding how you had all that weight on, I’ve lost the same amount as you this year but I don’t really think my body looks any different even though all my clothes hang off me. It’s weird.

    Well done for joining the gym, I hope you enjoy it!

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