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Marathon Number Two! Join me?


Yep Literally just entered online for the Guild marathon this October.

I must admit I’m quite excited about it, and knowing what’s involved after the Liverpool Marathon last year, think this time I’ll be AWESOME! (Rather than just praying I’ll complete it!)

And the husband is happy that it’s in Preston, as this means no hotel, no carting 2 children around a strange city & no extra costs that come with carting 2 kids about for about 6 hours!

Once a Guild Year!

Once Every 20 Years

The added bonus is that as it’s a Guild Marathon I’m not going to be tempted by it until the next Guild, in 20 years time! (And I hope I’ll still be running Marathons when I’m 51 *ahem* 41)

If you’re not a Prestonian & don’t know about Preston’s Guild Celebrations then head over to the Guild 2012 site and learn all there is to know, but this video is quite a snazzy introduction to it.


I’m also quite excited to learn, from that video, that Preston is the 2012 City of Sport! That’s pretty awesome & another cool reason for the Olympic Torch to run through the town later this year!

Fancy a jog?

So hopefully I’ve sold it & you’re all lacing up your trainers as you read this post. I’d love to get a team of people together to run the Guild Marathon, of course I’d love to raise a few quid and a little awareness for Refuge whilst we’re doing it.

Is anyone game?

I’m not an elite runner, I’m a mum of two, who will sweat, swear & smile my way through all 26.2 miles of the course and possibly just moan throughout all the training.

If you’ve ever thought that you’d like to try a marathon, but the big bad London Marathon is either too far away or too high pressure, or whatever reasons have stopped you, come join me!


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