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Here comes #Juneathon…


You have to sing that title like it’s the Beatles song Here comes the Sun

It starts on Friday, and lasts the whole of June. So expect a whole heap of moaning, or some suspicious shameful silence.

How I’m going to manage over the bank holiday weekend I don’t know, we have friends visiting & I never manage to go out & run. Hopefully inviting some of them to come run Preston parkrun will keep me a little on the straight & narrow, and I suppose I could always blog from my phone.

Hmm I wonder if I could blog from my phone whilst running…

NO! There will be no stupidity during my #Juneathon, just boringly simple “Jogging, Logging & Blogging”

That’s all I’m blogging now, in a effort to save word for when I’m too exhausted fromrunning to think coherently.

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  1. 01/06/2012 16:39

    jog blob jog blog

    just sign your friends up to juneathon

    good luck

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