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I ran @PrestonParkrun! (& eventually blog for #Juneathon)


Preston parkrun week 4-19

… But I was too late to be in the starters photo!

Yep, true to form I was late for the start, but I still ran, and my friend Kate ran with me.

Preston parkrun week 4-132

It was great fun & it’s true the hill was a killer, and we walked it for lap 2 & 3. (THREE hills in a 5k run, that’s just mean!) We started about 5 minutes after everyone else, and walked a few times too, and still managed a 40 minute time. A few months ago, I was “Running” a whole 5k in 40 min, never mind run / walking it in that time, so there’s been leaps & bounds in the terms of my general fitness. Running parkrun was more fun than volunteering, but only just. Even though we were the final two runners through the finish we got a good round of applause, and not the sort of factitious slow clap, but genuine “well done, you’re awesome” claps, and not one person was bothered by us coming in after the back marker, (because we arrived late, but no one minded that we started late either)

Preston parkrun week 4-314

It was a lovely morning, and also the start of the Jubilee weekend and there were several people running in Union Flag shorts & the baked bean T shirt was my personal favorite.

Unfortunately, this parkrun is the sum total of my #Juneathon effort! and that was 2 days ago. So I’m not winning any prizes, but then I guess that’s what Juneathon isn’t about!

I’m thinking I’ll possibly going to get to go to the gym / running on Tuesday & will start from there.  Honest.

(If you’re not part of parkrun JOIN US also if you’re not on the Juneathon list JOIN US!)

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  1. 04/06/2012 14:55

    You look great Millie!

    • 04/06/2012 15:01

      Thanks! I’m actually starting to feel pretty awesome too. And now ive started to drink 8 glasses of water a day my skin is fabulous!

  2. 04/06/2012 17:51

    Well done on your Park run. I love the flower bed picture, very Jubille-ish

  3. Jacky permalink
    04/06/2012 22:26

    Hey! Well done! Awesome job! Keep it going, woohoo!!!!

  4. 7stoneitch permalink
    05/06/2012 17:35

    I’d love to try a Parkrun but everyone is so quick at my local one. Everyone is finished by 35-40 minutes and I know it’d probably take me 45-60!

    • 05/06/2012 17:43

      I am 100% certain that I you went you’d be welcomed with open arms!
      If you’re really worried about your time find them twitter or email the organisers of you local parkrun through their page on the parkrun site, I’m positive they say “come run/jog/walk this Saturday!”

      The most awesome thing I’ve found at parkrun is it is most defiantly the taking part, not the winning, that counts!

      Plus you never know, you could surprise yourself!

      • 7stoneitch permalink
        05/06/2012 17:48

        I’d feel terribly guilty knowing all those poor volunteers were having to wait an extra 15 minutes for me to trundle along! Maybe once I’ve built my stamina up a bit I can try it out

      • 05/06/2012 17:51

        I don’t think anyone would mind! I certainly didn’t when I volunteered.

        Why not volunteer the 1st week & run the next? That way you get to see what the people are like 1st, and chat to the volunteers and see what they think?

      • 07/06/2012 13:22

        I agree, no one will mind. The encouragement is fantastic and they’re great fun. I was nervous about the first one I went to, but loved it!


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